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Mom they offered me a janitorial job to keep the Temple clean, If I promise to stop causing problems. And Mary answered " take the job. You know I love you very much but you must stop thinking that you are the Son of God. You must understand that Mankind can only learn form its Mistakes and honest productive Work not from divine Revelation." And Jesus replied. Mom, you might be right but I'm not taking it because they did not offer me Roman Citizen union wages AND I CAN MAKE MORE MONEY SPREADING THE WORD OF GOD. And Mary replied " what you are doing is dangerous-you Idiot; you just don't care whether you live or die."

What did the Prophet say to the Ape?

You are the idiot image of God and Satan who is not Legally under the Covenant of the Ten Commandments. You shall be forgotten but not forgiven for the sin of mathematically Murdering a working Marriage because you have no Freewill and no Soul in the Afterlife, and, thusly, after Strife your nameless Body simply dissolves into the Materialistic bowels of the Earth; and the unidentifiable Atoms of your flesh are once again Added to chaotic Dust that eventually is subtracted into the unknowable eternals of straight line Time multiplied by the Infinite cold vacuum of Dark Energy without Gravity and the revolving Circle divided by the Integral knowledge of Zero differentiated into an anonymous sacred ONE called collective Consciousness.

What did the Ape say to the Prophet?

A prophet is nothing more than an amateur Teacher, who wants to keep his Hands clean, who has nothing New to say; who is trying to connect to Money, and the upcoming Generation, and showoff in front of his Peers. I am a Selfish superstitious Atheistic elevated evolutionary Acrobat practicing my Art of Eating that is also satisfied by living in a Secure communal tree in a prosperous Jungle. I adore Playing imaginary Games of Motion and Sound and Sight. I follow hunting and dancing and Grooming. I love screaming and Flirting and Fighting and courting. I crave sexual Pleasure and feel Good Youth health, and Sleep; and I do not want Freewill and knowledge about old age Death because I believe that Pain is much more powerful than I am. So I vocally cry instead.


The Prophet prays and asks God to forgive his temporary metamorphosis into an Ape willing to use Violence as a means to correct Evil. The Prophet understands that “murder”; mutilation and mayhem make an Intelligent forgiving stable negotiating Jewish God into a primitive brutal Ape that is trapped in the revenge Rage of the Old Testament. The Prophet is feeling the Pain of God under Foreign occupation and he is longing to become a Romantic hero of brotherly Love and innocent Death called suicidal Christian Jesus. The Prophet is converting to Islam and the calming Business practices and the unyielding Justice of the Dessert and the Family code of Honor. The Prophet is touting the Wisdom of ancient and modern Atheism in harsh Hard Numbers flavored in Indian-Chinese-Russian-Indo-Dutch-German-French-English-Hispanic-American Economics polluting the Earth until death do we Part and Day Dreaming in Italian-Australian science-fiction Movies that begin and end with Disaster. The Prophet is stumbling over Gravity and free falling against the Friction of historical Emotions as we heat up together in Time and maybe Learn a broadband East-West depolarized Empire of Renaissance Confucian LAW searching for the elusive knowledge of MONEY without finding forwards towards a narrow Path of selfish Interest Only. The Ape is foolishly faltering into one-way Confusion as an overcrowded disorderly Brazilian Satanic African Voodoo Stalin Pornographic State in perpetual Panic in a dark savage Mood with only Allah and the Gun to restore electrical Order.